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So many engagement opportunities

There are countless ways to use personalized video to maximize charity supporters. Get in touch with us and let’s talk about them.

Donor centric case for support

Put your donors at the centre of your case for support through a personalized thank you video and revenue goes up while attrition goes down. Talk to us and let’s talk about what this can do for your campaigns and retention rates.

Stay on the leading edge

Your competitors are already using personalized videos. If you want to compete, you need to step up and do it better. We’ll tell you how.


We build on your success by closing the loop with your donors, event participants, and volunteers.


Stephen Caunce
CEO, Tech, Finance, Corporate Direction

Stephen has never met a coding language he couldn’t master. He spent 20 years as a highly sought after systems consultant in Europe, specializing in understanding and maintaining legacy systems. In 2002 he wrote his own search engine and launched Global Plane Search, which quickly became the largest website on the Internet to buy and sell commercial aircraft. The site was purchased by a venture capital company in 2014 and he moved to Cobourg, Ontario to start a family.

Angie Caunce
Sales and Marketing, Creative Direction, Strategy

Angie has spent her career in online marketing and graphic design. She ran a boutique marketing agency from 2008-2012 focused on the not-for-profit sector. In 2012, she decided to go client side and worked as the Digital Marketing Manager at a large Toronto charity. It was there that she refined her knowledge of digital fundraising, video production and editing, and really began to appreciate the impact of donor stewardship.

Our story is simple.

We took a good idea. Then did it better.

While working as a digital fundraiser in a large Toronto charity, Angie had used personalized thank you videos to support the organization’s annual campaign and special events with outstanding results. There was only one problem.

Over Christmas dinner in December 2016, Angie told her brother how frustrated she was that video personalization was so expensive and slow. She said, “If you can figure out how to do this faster and cheaper, charities will buy it.”

Over the next 6 months, the brother and sister team worked together and DonorFirst was born.


We are a Canadian company with virtual offices in Cobourg and Toronto.

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117 King Street East, Suite 4
Cobourg, Ontario
K9A 1L2