Campaign strategy and list recommendations

This isn’t our first rodeo. We know how to use this tool to best get the results you want. We will make list recommendations to target your most beneficial people in your file. We will offer a checklist of things to watch out for in your data to ensure your supporters have the best experience possible.

Use our landing page template or let us create a custom one for your brand

The landing page is where the personalized donor video will be embedded for view by your recipients. We created a landing page template that allows you to personalize the header for your organization to ensure your costs will be low and our turnarounds fast. We can do custom designs too.

Video direction, editing and rendering

We are really good at making videos that evoke a response. We love connecting to people on an emotional level. We will take your existing video and personalize the text overlay with a donor’s name. Or we will take whatever video footage you have and create a video for you. We can even make magic out of stock footage.

Email design, testing, and deployment

Using a CSV file prepared by you, we deploy personalized emails to each of your recipients with links to their personal landing page and video. We use our email template with a custom header, test and then finally deploy the emails to your list. For an extra cost, you can have a custom email designed just for you.

Charity pricing. You can do this.


Per Recipient

Get Started

* Plus $650 project set up fee.


Per recipient

Get Started

* Plus $250 project set up fee


Per recipient

Get started

No set up fee


Per recipient

Get Started

No set up fee

Includes personalized video rendering (maximum 5 minutes in length), email deployment, and personalized landing pages. Does not include creation of video. Does not include a custom landing page or email design. All prices in Canadian dollars plus applicable taxes.

Speak directly to your supporters about their direct impact on your organization. That’s truly putting the donor first.

And it works.