Our Process

Campaign Goals

First we identify what you are trying to do. Are your goals stewardship, recruitment, or donations?

Determine List Size

We figure out how many recipients are on your list and how to best meet your goals within your budget.

Creative Direction

We determine your video needs. What video assets do you have available to you?

Define Timelines

We identify when you need delivery by and how best to meet your timelines.

We walk you through every step of the process.

As soon as your project begins, we send you complete documentation on what happens next and what we need from you. At any point, you can utilize our a la carte services and we can step in to provide you with anything you need.

Built from the ground-up to service the Canadian not-for-profit sector

We understand the challenges not-for-profits face and how this service can move you to the next level. This was built for you.

Templated Solutions

Our pre-made HTML landing page and email template keep your costs low and your turnarounds lightening fast. Add your logo to the header and off you go.

Custom Designs

If you’d prefer a custom landing page and email design built specifically for your brand, we can provide a quote and timeline to create whatever you need.

Your project finishes with a full report.

We send you a full report detailing the opens, clicks and visits to your campaign’s landing pages.

Personalized video stewardship

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